What Are the Reasons to Use Seasoned Firewood?

As cold wind blow in your face and makes you shiver, the thought of warm fire and dancing flames can make you get through the day. But what if you forgot to stock up firewood? You will either have to chop some wood or buy some from a store or haul it home with you.

The problem here is that many stores simply sell greenwood instead of firewood that has been dried and seasoned. There are quite a few differences between greenwood and Seasoned Firewood. Once you understand the differences, you will realize why using firewood that has been seasoned is recommended.

Moisture Level

For firewood to burn steadily and generate more heat, it needs to have around 15% to 20% moisture. We can see that the moisture level is neither high nor it is too low or negligible.

Greenwood usually has 35% to 60% moisture. The wood is still too fresh to be burned. You will have to use double the wood to generate the heat. The moisture in greenwood results in more smoke. And since the wood is fresh, the smoke has a pungent smell.

Though greenwood is fine for burning during campfires it is not suitable for fireplaces and indoors. Seasoned Firewood NJ, on the other hand, is most suitable for indoor and outdoor fireplaces, barbeques, etc.

Moisture also attracts insects, bugs, and tiny creatures. Moss grows fast on greenwood. When greenwood infested with moss and bugs is burned, it releases pungent smell and causes breathing problems.

While seasoned firewood hardly releases any smoke or soot, greenwood is an exact opposite. You will have to spend more time cleaning the thick layer of soot in the fireplace. Even then, some bits and pieces of greenwood remain; the insides of the chimney end up with creosote that can result in a fire if the chimney is not cleaned regularly.

Seasoned Firewood

When the wood is left to dry for a minimum of six months by storing it in a cool and dry place, the wood gets seasoned naturally and moisture content goes down without using any chemicals. The best Firewood Company NJ takes every care to dry and season the wood in a way that the quality of the wood is not compromised. Care has to be taken to keep the bugs away from firewood as it is gradually losing moisture.

Kiln Dried Wood

Another way to dry firewood is by drying it in a kiln. It takes around 75 minutes to dry the wood until it retains 10% to 20% moisture. The internal temperature of the wood is maintained at 140 degrees to 160 degrees.

This process of drying the wood also ensures that the bugs and moss on the wood are eliminated completely. During peak winter when the demand for firewood increases, it becomes easy to stock firewood without waiting for a long time. NY NJ Firewood is a Premier Firewood Company known for selling the best kiln and seasoned firewood.

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