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Firewood for Sale in Edison, NJ | Firewood Delivery Edison, NJ

Buy Seasoned Firewood in Edison NJ at an Affordable Price

The fireplace in the house is not just for burning wood and producing heat. It is a place where memories are made. From kids to adults, everyone loves a glowing fireplace in winter. Imagine the feel of warmth that surrounds you as you sip a glass of wine or a mug of hot chocolate while watching snow gather on the ground.

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NY NJ Firewood has a loyal customer base that is increasing with each passing year. Our customers trust us to supply them with the best quality seasoned firewood in Edison NJ. Firewood can be used in fireplaces, open hearths, pellet stoves, and wood stoves. If you are using the latest wood-burning appliances, you will know that the smoke emission is almost zero and can qualify as a smokeless heat source.

You don’t have to take pains of chopping and stacking firewood in advance. NY NJ Firewood will deliver the requested quantities of firewood at your home. We are known for our prompt firewood delivery in Edison NJ. Unexpected firewood requirements can be handled by giving us a call or noting in the order on the website.

Some stores stock up and sell greenwood which has around 65% moisture in it. This attracts moss and insects, resulting in mold and foul smell. Greenwood is not seasoned firewood–it burns faster and releases more smoke. It also leaves a lot of soot, blackening the hearth and making it hard to clean. Smoke from greenwood can be harmful to the lungs.

You should always buy seasoned firewood in Edison NJ to avoid health issues. Seasoned firewood also lasts longer as it burns steadily and produces more heat than greenwood.

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